Engine performance

The OXE Diesel has been optimized for commercial usage. Significant effort has been put into reducing life cycle costs and maximizing the potential range to allow the users to go further. It is built to provide the solution for governmental, rescue, military, fishing and other commercial applications.

Diesel provides higher efficiency and torque, which gives increased load capacity and greatly reduced fuel consumption compared to petrol, resulting in up to 60% increased range. Diesel is less flammable than petrol and therefore much safer to work with, contributing to significantly reduced fire hazard and a safer working environment.

The combined benefits of an efficient modern Diesel Engine and the robust transmission deliver unique benefits for durability and increased range of commercial operation.

Simon Hill, Western Mariner described his experience as follows:

“In use, the Oxe diesel outboards distinguish themselves by being mostly indistinguishable from the well-proven and well-loved gas-powered outboards most mariners are familiar with. Because they have a fairly deep exhaust note, at idle the OXE diesel outboards can actually seem some-what quieter than a gas outboard. At higher revs and wider throttle settings, they have a distinctive muffled growl that’s been compared to the Dark Knight-era Batmobile.”